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10 things every new salesperson needs to know

Everything is for sale. The whole business world is based on sales in one way or another. But are the proposed algorithms and sales techniques equally applicable and working in all areas? This question is answered by Inna Vorobyova, an expert at AcademConsult
The main rule of customer communication that I learned and used in their work: “We do not sell, we share useful information, the expertise and knowledge that we have in mind that we gathered for years, are not on the world wide web sites”.

Sell or help

I have been working in education abroad for almost three years. Recently, the demand for education abroad has revived a little. The exchange rate is no longer so shocking, and many have already become disillusioned with domestic education. Against this background, we noticed the following trend for ourselves. In today’s reality, with very few exceptions, in one segment, everyone sells about the same thing. If there are differences, they don’t lie on the surface. The buyer, in order not to waste time identifying them, applies for the same information to several companies. Then he makes a comparison for himself and finally decides in favor of a particular offer. And the most surprising thing is that it is not the cost of services that is the decisive factor for concluding a contract.

For thousands of years, sales developed spontaneously: there was no science about them. And moreover, for a long time, sellers were treated with disdain (everyone would only “sell” something). Over time, the concept of “seller” became a profession. Today, this profession is undergoing a period of revival. Today, sales are a whole science. At the same time, the time of classic sales has passed. The era of a new format of customer service is coming, namely human to human (person to person) or soul to soul (soul to soul). This is the format when the client is ready to go for an expert and it does not matter what company a specific employee formally works for. Now this is reality and it needs to be accepted.

I was in the sales Department by accident. I didn’t know anything about techniques and methods, indicators and funnels, but I understood the product and wanted to learn more and develop in the field of education abroad. Day after day, week after week, I went this way and mastered previously unknown algorithms and terminology: KPI, CRM, plan-fact, conversion, sales funnel, hot-cold calls, scripts and templates, cross-sale, up-sale. “Sales is mathematics and methodology” — said to me on a daily basis. You can argue, resist, but this is a fact.

The company’s development depends on how many new contacts you process (calls, emails, meetings). At the same time, how convincing and trustworthy a professional you will be in sales is crucial. I really like the General broad meaning of the word hospitality. Hospitality is a widespread social phenomenon that involves giving a stranger (“guest”) protection and care (see wikipedia). And this is what principles should guide the novice seller — to be not just a translator of advertising posts, but, first of all, an assistant, friend, support and support for their customers. Every customer is a VIP customer, and they don’t buy for just three reasons: they don’t believe it, it’s expensive, and there are other personal circumstances.

Can everyone become a successful seller

The guru of expert sales, Dmitry Norka, compares sellers with doctors, and I completely agree with him. After all, to offer a” patient ” treatment that will be effective for him, you really must first make a diagnosis. Do you remember how many people study to be a doctor? Not everyone can pass this difficult path. And only a few who have passed this way can be real doctors. So why do they say everywhere now that absolutely everyone can sell?! Everyone can sell, but not everyone. Unwillingness to work in a particular area, dislike for the product that is sold — this is the main problem faced by novice sellers. If we talk about the opposite situation, then when a person does what he likes, sales skills come naturally. It’s been 2.5 years, and I still learn to sell every day. Whether it is possible to learn sales at the University is unlikely. Whether it is possible to learn sales from books and videos is unlikely. But if, in addition to this, you will have a strict, uncompromising, often ruthless, but at the same time generous and fair coach-mentor, then consider yourself lucky.

The market is oversupplied, but is it oversupplied and does it have real expertise? Alas, no. Competitors come unexpectedly. For example, every year in Moscow at the international conference ICEF (International Consultants for Education and Fairs), education providers abroad (schools, universities) meet with hundreds of newcomers-agents who have entered the market of educational services. After a year, no more than 10 % of them remain in the industry and new ones appear. They start stealing personnel, databases, clients. Not immediately, but they start. Migration of personnel is inevitable. In 99 % of cases. But in order not to be afraid, you need to develop, react quickly to changes in the market and become better than your competitors. To reach this quality level, you need to understand that the world values only an expert approach-in everything. An expert is a salesperson with a very high level of knowledge and skills. And the more you know, the more practical experience you have, the higher your professional value. And more and more sellers understand the true price of their time and the price of their expertise.

10 things every new salesperson needs to know

1. Get to know yourself in the truest sense. Pass psychological tests, make a SWOT analysis of yourself (highlight your strengths and weaknesses). Once you know yourself, it will be easier to understand your client — the one who came to you for knowledge, expertise and help.

2. Develop your sales style. Find your chip. Be yourself.

3. Sell only what you believe in. People are arranged so cunningly that they take on faith only what they internally agree with, which for them personally seems clear, convenient and correct. Not believing, not understanding your product, sales will always go at the level of “vparivaniya”.

4. Don’t create an argument. Become an expert. Experts do not allow to engage in “self-medication”.

5. “Success is a transition from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” – Churchill. Learn from the best.

6. Practice. Just listening about sales is useless, you need to practice. The results of the action. There are no failures, there is accumulated experience.

7. Be sure. Sales are an influence. Form a need.

8. Learn to communicate, listen, and be interested. The client came to you for help — listen and help.

9. Don’t humiliate, don’t humiliate, don’t sell without consent. “No-great, who’s next?”Everyone knows the Pareto rule for sales: 20 % of customers give 80 % of sales, respectively, 80 % of potential customers in most cases-this is a loss of time and nerves. A huge mistake for most first-time sellers is not being able to qualify the target buyer. You don’t need to waste time on clients who require you to prove that they need you. Work only with those who initially trust you and share your values.

10. Don’t think about earning money. Yes, there is a sales plan, Yes, your goal to earn is very important, but focusing on the benefit you, without noticing it, lose your expertise.

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