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Simulation of interest in sales: how to remove distrust and involve the buyer in the process

Iosif Panasyuk, an independent expert in sales, sales management and marketing, examines the enterprise sales strategy in detail and explains how to understand that the listener really liked your offer and does not feign ostentatious interest; how to respond to the formal reaction of potential buyers
Recently, at work, I watched a series of programs “Idea for a million” (a joint project of NTV and VEB), where worthwhile ideas were presented and, to put it mildly, not very much. In the final, the respected jury justified their choice. Those who did not receive the investment received feedback in style:We still haven’t figured out where you want to spend that 25 million;
We don’t see much difference from our competitors;
And where are the innovations you are talking about and so on.
Hard, harsh, not always polite feedback is what most of us like to see. There are biological reasons for this, but we are not talking about them here, so we will continue.

It is very important to understand that this is a TV show. In the real world, where I unfortunately have to live, rich investors/buyers “won’t tear you apart.”

I really want investors/buyers to say exactly what they think. Unfortunately, when they lose interest, when they realize for sure that they will not buy, when they just want to get up and leave the meeting. Here are the things they will do:
Laugh, smile, and cheer.
Ask simple, comfortable questions.
They will be extremely interested in the smallest details of the product.
Give positive feedback and useful tips within the presentation.

Aren’t all these things people do when they’re interested? Don’t engagement, questions, and positive feedback show an intention to buy?

No, not in enterprise sales. No, not in attracting venture capital. And many where not yet.

If you are asking for $1 million, $10 million, or conducting an enterprise software sale, this is usually NOT a good thing. For some reason, this is quite the opposite: these are all signs that you have lost your audience.

What’s going to happen?
Instead of laughing and joking, they should reach out and concentrate (focus on everything new and interesting that you represent).
Instead of asking questions that are not related to the topic or on abstract topics, they should take photos on their phones of your presentation or the materials that you are showing.
Instead of giving advice, they should ask for advice.
And if they really don’t understand your key ideas, they should give you direct and clear feedback about it.
Getting direct, clear, and sometimes tough feedback can be very useful because you know exactly where you are on sale right now. Of course, this is not a positive thing, but now you can react quickly and correctly.

So what can you do when an audience feigns interest?

What to do:
When everyone is laughing, joking and smiling: you can also laugh a little, and then say as seriously as possible: “This is all laughter and games until you get hacked and you lose the data of 5 million credit cards (any relevant and serious example from your business).
Don’t give deep detailed answers to questions that have obvious answers. The answer is as simple.
Don’t let them give you advice. Stop this threat immediately. You are an expert here, you know this product better than anyone, you are here to make a sale or deal. You are not looking for a mentor here, you are looking for a buyer. Focus on that.
I hope it was short and to the point. If you need more information, write in the comments.
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