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“Blushing for you”: “embarrassing” questions to the sales Manager

Dmitry Baturov, the account Manager of the company “Reputation.Moscow “answers the most common questions of novice sales managers: what background should you come to the profession with, what is more important-sociability or sociability, who is more promising professionally-an ambitious beginner or an experienced” salesman»
The sales Manager is the right person, but obscure. Without it, it is impossible for startups to develop, medium-sized businesses will not be able to grow and large corporations will not be able to stay afloat. At the same time, a lot of myths revolve around the profession, most of which are to blame for the movies.

Dmitry Baturov, the account Manager of the company “Reputation.Moscow”, agreed to answer “embarrassing” questions about the work of the sales Manager.

Is it true that the “salesmen” take only with higher education?

No. Higher education is desirable, but not mandatory. It speaks of a person’s Outlook and interests, but nothing more. Plus, few people work in their specialty. A good option is to take additional specialized courses, including free ones on the Internet, and get acquainted with the opinion of an interesting person who has achieved results in the field of management.

Which education profile is best suited? Is it important?

From my own experience, I can say that it is more comfortable to work with guys who studied for recruiters (recruitment specialists). I don’t know why. But I am sure that leadership qualities are mandatory. They are necessary for career growth. Sooner or later, an experienced salesman will be promoted and asked to recruit a team. There is no way without leadership ambitions.

Do you hate phrases in your resume like “sociability” and “sociability”?

No, not a drop. The main thing is that people understand the difference between them.

Communication skills — the ability to build a communication format. That is, it is correct to conduct negotiations, correspondence, and even non-verbal communication. Sociability implies that a person is able to take initiative. For example, to make the first step to communication, say Hello and react correctly to the client’s questions.

It turns out that “sociability” is more important?

You could say that. Sociable people are sociable, but sociable people may not be sociable. They initiate a dialogue with the client, and then get lost, do not know how to continue. It is most difficult for people who are clamped in communication. However, this is treated by perseverance and training.

By the way, when selecting a candidate for the position of sales Manager, there is such a trap. A sociable person comes, shows great potential, and is taken. However, in his work, he hits a psychological barrier. Can’t regularly communicate with strangers and that’s it. They quit themselves.

They say that for good sales, you need to close the client’s pain point. So sales managers are required to have empathy?

Here’s the thing. It’s easy to say-find a client’s pain. They hide and mask it very well. Empathy helps you put yourself in the client’s shoes, but you shouldn’t rely on it alone. More important is the ability to hear and listen. Individuals who adapt quickly and are able to correctly apply their personal qualities will also find pain points.

It is a professional duty to show concern about the client’s problems. There are always ways to reach a common point of contact. It will lead to the conclusion of the contract. But in General, empathy is certainly important.

Who is more likely to be hired: a strong professional or an ambitious newcomer?

It’s a trick question. Work experience is always desirable, though not mandatory. This is, in my experience, the situation in large corporations can be very different. I think that if you feel that a person can achieve something, you should give them a chance.

Experience is also different. Perhaps the candidate worked in places where clients came with some need, and he easily found a common language with them. Therefore, the presence of experience can not be a prerequisite: in some situations, the lack of experience is almost equivalent to experience that can not be applied in the field where the applicant will work.

Why do novice “salesmen” often burn out?

Burnout occurs from a lack of understanding of the profession. I will say this: quantity gives birth to quality. For beginners, I recommend taking a number at the early stages. This way the Manager learns the objections and learns how to work with them. In uncomfortable situations, the novice will harden, develop resistance to stress. Over time, his speech improves, and his conversion rate increases. An experienced specialist is better prepared for the next contact, its efficiency is higher by 50 % than it was before.

Therefore, the number of calls and meetings for beginners should be several times higher than for experienced colleagues. This is normal. For motivation, the most important condition is when the Manager works on a small salary, and the main income will come from percentages of sales.

Do you believe in “individual approach to each client”?

The question is not” individual approach”, but sales techniques. It is usually meant in this context. It all depends on the Manager. Sales techniques change with the world around them. The Manager will not wait for decent results if he uses one template.

I start from the pace of the client’s speech. It is logical to offer a young person to switch to “you” — this simplifies the format of communication, opens up other horizons. With a more Mature interlocutor, I conduct a dialogue judiciously, the pace is slower.

In some areas, the “SPIN” sales technique works well, in which the client’s pain unfolds. When a person addresses a problem, the task of the specialist is to make this pain even stronger. This is how the need is formed “here and now”, so that the client wants to solve the problem quickly and specifically from this specialist.

Gives the result of simple informal communication with a client is to ask about health and to share news. All these are professional standards rather than”individual approach”.

Do sales managers use notebooks or something more modern?

Beginners write down information in a diary. Over time, the number of clients grows — and the task book does not cope with its task. There is simply no way to find the necessary records.

It is more convenient to use a CRM system. I can’t imagine working in growing companies without it. Not all of them are good, each has its own opportunities, but it is unrealistic not to use them for sales. Statistics are easier, all the work is in the palm of your hand, there is a convenient planner, and the management sees your work.

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