Correct sales plan: how to create a year, quarter, month
"How to create the right sales plan: for the year, quarter, month?"this is a multi-faceted issue. Why? Because it is important not only to create the right sales plan, but…

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How do I check the supplier?
Roman Shishkin, assistant to the President of ICA "Filippov and partners", talks about how to distinguish between responsible and law-abiding contractor from unfair: whether it is necessary to request documents…

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The main difference between building a sales system and building a sales Department
Alexander Cherny, author of courses on strategic business development, a business practitioner, talks about how building a sales system differs from building a sales Department. What is the key difference…

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“How to cheer up the sales Department”: 6 working tools

Irina Narchemashvili, financial Director of ATManagement Group, talks about 6 methods to “cheer up” — motivate-the sales Department: which method of calculating salaries to choose, what spirit should reign in the Department, whether to train employees and how to increase control over the workflow
15 years ago, it was easy to find companies that had no sales Department at all. That is, customers simply came to the company to purchase a particular service or product. Now this state of Affairs is unacceptable for most businessmen.

At that time, the formation of the sales Department was even considered a competitive advantage, and at first it really helped to significantly increase the company’s profit. But at present, it is not enough for this Department to just be. We must constantly warm it up and achieve an increase in its effectiveness.

And the problems in the sales Department that have to be solved can be very different. Most often, the entrepreneur looks at the amount of advertising that he runs, or the quality of the advertising material itself, as a way to correct the situation.

But the state of the sales managers themselves is often overlooked. But this is one of the key factors. A Manager who works with enthusiasm and a desire to achieve maximum results makes 7 times more sales than the one who “burned out”. Therefore, it is important to first focus on the human factor, on their sellers.

Here are a few tools to help cheer up the sales Department.

If to speak absolutely a simple language, the sluggish sales Manager is a Manager who doesn’t want to sell. Therefore, we need to make sure that he wants to.

So, let’s go through the points, each of which can be applied separately or together.

1. First of all, the Manager should not be on the salary in any case. In most companies — this is the norm. But I quite often continue to meet companies where managers receive a fixed salary regardless of its result. Therefore, move the Manager to the percentage of sales at which he will have to be included in the process to get his personal income. After all, the Manager on the salary will sell just enough to avoid being fired from the company, and there is no reason to strain harder.

2. Games work very well in the sales Department. And the key here is that the game should be interesting to the managers themselves, not the managers or the owner. Therefore, it is not enough to just say who will make more sales, they will get a bonus. Ask the managers themselves what they would be interested in competing for. Someone wants a bonus, someone wants a bag,someone wants a phone, and someone is counting on a car. This already depends on the field of activity. Ideally, you need to talk to everyone and find out their wishes. If a Manager wants a new phone as a prize, which costs 40 thousand rubles, then calculate what this Manager should do for this. This can be the implementation of a sales plan for 6 months or a three-fold increase in revenue for a certain period. It is important that the game conditions are achievable for the Manager himself. After you have calculated the required level of sales, you need to talk to the Manager again and ask him several times “How can you do this?”At the very beginning, you may hear in response that this is not possible, but we continue to ask the question “How can you still do this?”as long as he flushed and with shining eyes I will not say “Oh! It’s really possible!”and will run to sell.

3. It is extremely useful to raise the personal level of responsibility, because it often happens that the Manager may not even think about the fact that his personal income may be more than two or even three times. And, as a result, it does not set itself expensive goals. Here you can ask the employee what he wants, then specify the cost of these goals, divide the amount received by the number of months. This will give us an understanding of how much we need to save per month. Next, we ask the Manager how he can achieve this. And do this until the same time as described in the paragraph above. As a result, we get a motivated employee.

4. It is extremely important to constantly train employees. Some trainers on sales compare sales with the sport. And, as you know, in any sport you need constant training. There is a lot of material that can and should be used to train employees. This includes working out the sales script, knowing the range and advantages of our product, working with objections, and training in communication.

Training always helps you look at yourself from the outside, see your own mistakes and correct them. And, as a result, increase your efficiency.

5. To increase control over sales. Here it is necessary to ask managers about the results achieved not at the end of the month or after it, but at least once a week, and better every day. When you are interested in the results obtained, it is not superfluous to ask what the Manager did to get the desired result. Try to do this without negative emotions. Only constructive. And you will learn the most incredible things.

6. And if you give your product or provide services with post-payment, pay the Manager not with the shipment, but with the money that came. Otherwise, you will accumulate accounts receivable, the Manager will not take responsibility for the arrival of money.

By applying these recommendations, you can increase sales and motivate managers.

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