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Business trends, or how to get the most out of innovation for your business

Alexander Vysotsky, founder of Visotsky Consulting, identifies four main trends in high technologies that will forever change and are already changing the approach to business organization and promotion: features of the development of augmented reality technology, the availability of Internet things, self-driving cars and widespread mobile Internet
We can’t do business as fast as our ancestors did. The business world has changed. Twenty years ago it was completely different, the speed of necessary changes is quite different today. As strategists, as company founders, and as business owners, we are facing challenges that no one has ever faced before. Below I have briefly outlined some of the trends that affect the business strategy today.

The first trend is mobile Internet

Many years ago, mobile operators realized that sooner or later they will turn into a means of data transmission — and with high profitability, you can say goodbye forever. Even today, for many people, mobile communication is just a means of transmitting data, and a variety of messengers are used for communication. This outcome was obvious 10-15 years ago, when the first mobile networks with new features appeared, but it took a full ten years to transform consumer behavior.

This year, I transferred my phone to a new generation operator — Google Fi, which provides me with a single tariff for mobile Internet and calls in 135 countries around the world. In this case, my phone actually switches between different mobile operators depending on who in this area provides the best data transfer. This allows us to forget about the concept of roaming forever, and this trend will lead to the fact that we will soon forget about the “traditional” mobile operators.

Mobile apps are becoming the main way to consume services. We order a taxi from Uber, have lunch delivered to Seamless, make purchases from Amazon, and interact with the Bank via the mobile app. I try not to buy paper books anymore, but use the Kindle simply because they are always at hand. And this is just the beginning, mobile apps are becoming the main means of communication with the consumer.

So the first trend that will be relevant for many years to come is mobile Internet, mobile traffic, and increasing the speed of mobile connections. When you are developing a strategy, it may seem that some of the tools you are creating today are not enough traffic, not enough smartphone capabilities. It is necessary to take into account that the speed of mobile Internet and the performance of smartphones is growing at a high rate.

People no longer read books and big articles, they watch videos, the maximum they can read is ten sentences. If someone had told me a few years ago that Instagram would become a popular blogging platform, I wouldn’t have believed it. But this is a fact: today Instagram is a real blog platform.

Mobile apps are almost the only promising way to maintain constant communication with consumers. Therefore, we either use some ready-made solutions like Seamless or develop our own mobile applications. It’s funny that today even small hairdressers use mobile apps to interact with customers.

The second trend is self — driving electric cars

At first glance, they do not affect the “traditional” types of business. But I believe that this is one of the most powerful trends that will completely change almost all business sectors.

The electric car industry is just beginning to develop. But the future is for it, since an electric car is five times more reliable than a conventional car, its efficiency coefficient is about 3-4 times higher, and it is cheaper to maintain. And this has a big impact on the economy. Fewer parts are needed to repair electric vehicles, which means that the powerful spare parts industry will shrink and there will be fewer auto repair shops. That is, if we carefully assess the prospects, we will see that the mere appearance of electric vehicles already has a huge impact on different areas of human life.

When there are enough self-driving cars on the roads, traffic jams will decrease, drivers ‘ behavior will change, and safety will increase. As a result, there will be fewer car breakdowns, which will lead to job cuts. This will also affect real estate and, consequently, the cost of housing, retail and overall lifestyle. If millions of people now spend more than an hour a day driving, in the near future they will be making business calls, reading, watching movies, or just taking a NAP on the way to work. As a result, they will be willing to spend more time on the road, which will allow them to live in the country, enjoying the fresh air. This will change their way of life and affect entire industries.

People will give up personal vehicles. What’s the point of having a second car if you can call an inexpensive self-driving taxi at any time? First of all, this will affect those who live in large cities. And this will lead to a reduction in the number of Parking lots — and like many other changes, to an increase in the number of unemployed people who previously worked in car-related industries. There will be a significant change in the insurance industry.

According to statistics, 80 % of the cost of all products are expenses related to cargo transportation. Now imagine how the economy will be affected by reducing the cost of transportation by half. Therefore, self-driving electric cars are the second powerful trend to date.

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