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We played “talking dummies” — and that’s enough, or Let’s say the scripts ” no»

Alexey Krutitsky, CEO of the Training Department, talks about the modern use of sales scripts in companies: what they do more-good or harm, how employees and the workflow as a whole are affected by the rigid framework of selling algorithms and why it is still more useful to abandon them
“Respect for people is respect for yourself” © D. Galsworthy

I think that scripts should be banned. We played cheap, “talking dummies” and that’s enough. Who among us, being in the role of the buyer, likes when the seller speaks to us on a piece of paper. Or let’s write a script for the buyer and hold a competition, whose script is cooler, and that will get the money and fame.Of course, in our time, money is no longer a means of calculation, we began to forget about it, it is a cult, an indicator of success, a parameter of significance. The more money you have, the cooler you are and your rating is higher. For many companies, this has also become the main criterion on which the entire internal system of the company’s interaction with its customers and with its employees is built. And for this reason, scripts for sellers appeared on the market.

A script is a program or program file, a script that automates some task that the user would do manually, describing the employee’s phrases and actions in communicating with clients.

The script causes a protective reaction from the buyer, we always hear/feel when our interlocutor speaks in his own words or looks at the cheat sheet. Do you like to talk to answering machines, or does someone in your environment do it regularly? Count how many times in a month you have already been called, and you said “no” and hung up. Do you think that in your environment only you have developed the immunity to “send” these annoying storytellers? How many potential customers does your company lose forever using scripts?

Of course, good / expensive scripts have a small percentage of performance. Only it is unlikely that the customer will contact you again, the probability of a second or third purchase is very low. The information flow perceived by every person in the modern world is simply huge. Each of us sees about 850 ads with our eyes every day from the moment you open your eyes in the morning. Of course, we filter out and perceive no more than 20 of this flow of information, and we can react to 2-3 if it is relevant information for us at the moment. Of course, any live communication is much more important for us in terms of information perception. The keyword is “live”, not artificial. All professional salespeople, negotiators, and communicators know that the most important thing at the beginning of communication with customers is to create trust. At this stage, you lay the Foundation for further communication and solving joint tasks for long-term cooperation.

Increasingly, I begin to hear from friends, students and acquaintances the phrase “we (I) will not have any more business with this company” or “I delete this store from the list of my visits”. Do you know why? Because the client / buyer always feels very subtly when trust is destroyed and they want to “sell”the product instead of selling it.

Of course, many people have a question: how to combine making a profit and increasing it, while maintaining and improving trusting relationships with customers and increasing the number of their regular customers?

Let’s start with your strategic goals. What company are you building? How many years, tens, hundreds of years do you plan for? If your business is not one-day (for 1-2 years), but with a good Foundation (only strong individuals are able to plan for 10-25-50-100 years), then you will always remember your reputation, your values, and the principles on which your company will be created and exist. It’s like with a small child, the first years you do not sleep and all the time you remember what qualities will help him grow and become strong, stable and successful.

Customers are as important to the company as air is to a baby. And, of course, his parents also think about what this air will be like. And to build a vital interaction with the environment, a sales Department is created. You have collected these beautiful guys and girls, you want to send them to free swimming and instead of a good teacher/mentor, you buy them a cheat sheet in the online store. They begin to learn the script together, and you actively control them, follow the strict correspondence of the written words and their sequence.

What professional qualities will develop in your sellers? I think it will be pressure, clarity of speech, performance, stress resistance, and the ability to deal with objections. Of course, these qualities will be appreciated by your customers. And it is very easy to motivate such employees: there are no results from a huge number of contacts/calls, the company can quickly replace such an employee, there are many of them in the labor market now. And a vicious circle begins, which is beneficial for everyone except customers and owners/managers of the company. The company hires new boys and girls. The head of the sales Department begins to actively train the use of the script and monitor its precise use. The HR Department fires and hires employees. The recruitment Agency selects new candidates, boys and girls consider themselves sellers, go around the market, changing companies and filling out their resumes. And all this scheme is satisfied, because the HR Department does not need to motivate and retain employees, the head of the sales Department do not need to be developed, the Agency best constant demand for their services, employees don’t understand what is happening and “not worried” because almost the same everywhere, and continue to walk and look.

Modern sales are activities that require the emotional impact of the seller in communicating with the buyer.

Six secrets of good sellers:
the ability to communicate, interpersonal skills;
knowledge of the product it sells, expertise;
knowledge and use of sales technology;
love for your business, company, and product (sparkle in your eyes);
sales experience, 10,000 hours to become a professional;
continuous development, development of new techniques and knowledge.
Apparently, a good script should have replaced 4 of the 6 items. And then you want customers to come back to you and bring you their money?

Very often I hear: “our company uses a script only for young employees. Then, when they become experienced, they can talk to customers without a script.” In my opinion, this is self-deception. What experience are we talking about? If the employee does not initially know/understand how the “miracle in sales” occurs. Where is the magic button that urius Uranus has been looking for for so long. Why we usually do not bargain with an experienced seller, do not ask for special conditions, and even the price is not so important for us. I’m talking about the real actions of professionals in their field. We don’t argue with a doctor, we don’t argue with a teacher, we don’t try to outwit a lawyer. And imagine that the technology of working on the script will be actively used in other areas — in medicine, in education, in the arts, in law.

Remember: “nothing is more eternal than something temporary.” Of course, giving up scripts will not be easy for you and your team at first. Change always requires effort. Perhaps all managers will need to find out how the sales technology really works, and I think there will be several discoveries waiting for you here. It will be necessary to create a system of motivation and career growth. Good salesmen make excellent managers. And, most importantly, make the Foundation for your business reliable and strengthening. Create a sales Department with a team of professional salesmen. It is better to grow your salesmen, because the strongest motivation is loyalty to the company where you grew up and where you are valued. Setting up sales gradually to make the most of your customers are left satisfied with not only the product/service, but, first and foremost, the service actions of sales to new customers have become regular customers and recommend you to their friends and acquaintances. I believe that employees will also be proud of their work in your team, cherish it and contribute to the company’s prosperity.

So, you have already found a buyer for your scripts, which you decided to abandon. Sell them to your competitors at a high price. If your company wrote them yourself, it will be easier for you to rebuild using your own experience. If you bought them, then look at it as an acquired experience. I am sure that you will be able to create a sales Department in your company, where you will appreciate the expertise, highly professional skills, attitude and atmosphere of cooperation, in communicating with your sellers and customers/partners of your company. The company will grow and thrive despite external difficulties and challenges.

Human potential is the most valuable resource for implementing all your plans and ambitions.

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