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“Love for your business”, or 6 secrets of a successful seller

Alexey Krutitsky, CEO of the Training Department, shares 6 secrets of an effective salesman, without which training and sales practice in the modern world is impossible: why communication skills are a prerequisite for a good salesman; why a sales Manager needs love and whether it is worth spending time on constant development of the ability to sell
Buying is cheaper than selling
German proverb

A person who can’t smile should not engage in tradingChinese proverb

After writing an article about the prohibition of scripts in sales (“Let’s say no to scripts”), I wanted to tell you about the secrets of the profession in which I have been working for more than 30 years and have been training sales professionals to the level of professionals for more than 10 years.

If you work as a salesperson, manage sales people, you are a Manager and motivate your employees, if you periodically speak to an audience that you want to lead, if you want to spend an unforgettable vacation with your friends and “infect” them with your idea, these secrets will be important to all of you. If you don’t have one (or several) of these items and you want to become more productive, then it will take time and effort to change the situation in improving yourself.

So, in order.

Sociability. In the sales profession, there is always a lot of communication. If you find it difficult to communicate with other people, you are shy, taciturn, silent, then it makes sense to correct this issue. Now there are many courses where you will be taught simple techniques for starting a conversation and continuing it. The most important thing in knowing the topic of communication skills and learning how to create a dialogue (two monologues are not a dialogue) is to be able to direct it in the right direction. If you can talk to any person, know how to communicate calmly, discussing any topic, and can manage the course of communication, then we move on to the second important secret.

Expertise. This is a set of knowledge and skills that you need to win the trust of the buyer. Sometimes a similar word “competence”is used. In my opinion, in our time, it is important to have a deep expertise and a clear understanding of such areas as knowing your product, how it works, where and what benefits it brings. Knowledge of the market, who your competitors are, what they offer, how they differ, prices, discounts, features and pitfalls, possible risks. The buyer, communicating with you, spends his time, he needs a Pro to solve his problem. If you are not one, or he will not feel it, will not see it, then he will go on looking for such a specialist.

For example: if you have a broken pipe and you called a plumber, and an electrician came, you will most likely not communicate with him and spend your time. You should also be an expert in your profession. You are like a special unit soldier, ready to understand and solve the most difficult task of the client.

Sales technology (art, skill, skill). Like any technology, it is a step-by-step sequence of actions (a set of methods and tools) to achieve the desired result. In our time, the world uses several options for sales technologies, which will be used by you-it’s up to you or the management of your sales Department. The most important thing is to prevent violations of the technology. As soon as there are failures in the use of technology, the process of blurring your profession begins, you begin to lose customers. You can read my article on Troubleshooting sales technology — “Why sales technology doesn’t work”.

Love. To the profession, to the clients, to the company, and to the object of sale. One of my friends, a colleague from St. Petersburg, after reading an article about scripts, commented: “it is Rare to find sellers who sincerely respect customers, and even more so able to treat them with a soul.” And then I decided to use the word love! Sympathy, loyalty, good attitude, this is not enough now, but first you will need these feelings. Since love is a feeling of deep sympathy, it will allow you to create a basis for dialogue, emotional and expert trust in you and your company, and, of course, in the product (service, idea) that you will sell. If you don’t like your customers, don’t understand or appreciate the business you are doing, and avoid recommending your company to friends and family, then there is no reason for your success. When you do something with pleasure, you do it well (even very well).

Experience. If you are taking your first steps in the sales profession, take your time and do it right. And the mistakes you make will make you stronger. The 10,000 hour rule is still very relevant in our world. If you want to become a professional, you need to spend several years of daily work to gain knowledge and skills of this very interesting profession. And do not give in to the illusion that in a neighboring company for two days of training, your friend was made a seller (with a certificate), and you also want to.

Let’s look at the terms for training specialists: for doctors, you need 5-7 years of training plus 7-10 years of training and practice; for teachers, lawyers, builders, pilots, engineers, you need 4-5 years of training plus 5-7 years of training and practice.

If you want to become a low-paid specialist (consultant, document designer, operator, promoter), then the deep and correct implementation of the previous four points can be done “quickly”-and after 5 days to work in a fast service company, the choice is yours.

Development. Very few people write about this now. The seller’s profession is creative and requires always meeting the conditions of a very rapidly changing world. If you don’t keep up with the changes, you fall behind the competition and start losing. Only daily development and improvement of themselves, their knowledge and skills allow sellers to become the best in their business, the best for themselves.

Every profession has its own secrets, 6 secrets in sales you now know. They cannot exist separately or partially, they are as a whole. Use them for yourself, share them with friends and colleagues.

A few topical questions for introducing secrets into your practice:

“Why do customers choose you?”, “Why do buyers return to you?”, “Why do they recommend you?”, “How many regular customers do you have and how can you increase their number?”, “How do you differ from your competitors/neighbors?»

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