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Sales plans don’t work — what to do?

Irina Narchemashvili, financial Director of ATManagement Group, tells about what to do for the head of the sales Department if his employees do not cope with the implementation of the set plan: what actions should be taken to change the situation
In order to achieve the goal, you need to understand exactly what actions to take.

In my experience, I often met companies that simply decide what to earn this month you need 10,000,000 rubles, but how to do it — never paint. At best, they have an idea of how much product/service they need to sell to reach the bar. Therefore, it is extremely important to plan specific steps to achieve the revenue plan.

You need to earn 20,000,000 rubles a month, so you need to sell 5,000,000 rubles a week. Calculate how many sales you need for each type of service or product to reach this quota.

For example:
Service “A” (100,000 rubles) – 10 units;
Service “B” (200 000 rubles) – 7 units;
Service “B” (120,000 rubles) — 20 units.
Thus, in a week, when you get the sales results, including you will be able to see the “weak point”, where it is not pressed. Plan how many potential customers you need at each stage of the funnel and how you can attract them.

The simplest example: there is a service “A”, we know that out of 20 calls we send 10 commercial offers and conclude 3 transactions with an average check of 100,000 rubles.

Great, now let’s calculate how you can earn 600,000 rubles on this service. We need 6 deals, which means at least 20 commercial offers sent and 40 calls. With clients and large checks, everything is simple, but how to plan in retail?

Calculate how much the store / point sells on average. For example, we know that a store sells 100,000 items per day. Now let’s analyze how to increase the patency of the point? Is it in a passable place and we only need to direct the flow — or is the place not on the flow and we need to create a flow? Based on this plan and promotion, how to increase the flow of customers?

The second step in retail will need to plan “additional sales”. How much, what products, together with what products, in what quantity you need to sell. Here, too, you can put a plan, nothing prevents us from doing this. Due to the “little things” , you can increase not only the average check, but also the margin, the main thing is to make the right analysis.

There must be intermediate control points. What does it mean?

For example, we have agreed on a sales plan for the current week. Now it is important to calculate how much we should earn with you every day; we control this process every day. We check whether we are going according to the plan, make sure to inform our sellers about it and coordinate where we need to strengthen if we do not reach the daily plan. The most important thing is to keep the revenue under control, so you really control the company’s revenue and can influence it.

The morning of coordination with the sellers. 15 minutes, which can dramatically change the situation with income.

We set it up for work, show how it goes according to the plan, where you need to strengthen, what (or whom) you need to push. We keep our attention on “matured” and on the actions that need to be done to achieve the plan.

In my experience, I want to say that if the income plan is not achieved, then there is simply no understanding of how to achieve it. Divide it as clearly as possible into specific actions, monitor it daily — and you will see how the situation is changing, and a plan that has not been achieved for a long time is now easily achieved by your team.
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