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How to make money on HYIP: 5 ” not»

Onegroup experts, co-authored by Anton Melnikov, Ilya Gromov and Ivan Sidenko, share examples from their professional experience in promoting companies using HYIP marketing tools, and talk about the 5 main prohibitions in the successful planning and implementation of an advertising campaign
The ability to catch a wave of hype has become a trump card in the struggle of brands for the attention of the audience. Hype advertising is distributed on a viral basis, allowing you to achieve huge coverage without increasing the budget. However, not all attempts to integrate into the popular context are successful. In fact, in order to” shoot”, the advertising campaign must be based on five “not”.

1. Make no mistake with the goal: image and sales

Usually, a hype affects sales indirectly: its main effect is to attract attention to the brand and increase its awareness. And this in the long term leads to an increase in sales. You can directly increase the number of purchases on the HYIP only in the field of goods of impulsive demand — for example, with the help of promo codes associated with a certain infopod.

So, recently, one of our clients, a food delivery company, built its advertising campaign on a meme with an egg that collected a record number of “likes” on instagram. The number of customers who used the promo code really led to a local boom in sales. But for industries such as, say, insurance, cars, or real estate, HYIP will “work” only on the image-simply because buying decisions in these areas are made on a different principle.

2. Do not miss the point: the Trinity in the headdress

To use HYIP for your advertising campaign, the main thing is not to miss the moment. First, you must have a budget specifically allocated for such sudden promotions. Second, you need to keep track of all the infopods in the 12-by-7 format and” try them on”: we have a special employee who does this. And if some major event is expected in the near future (for example, the match of the Russian national team during the world Cup), you need to be prepared that within 12 hours you will have to create a product in an emergency mode-up to the shooting of a video clip.

To catch a wave of HYIP, it is important, as in surfing, to do it not too late and not too early. An hour after the appearance of the infopod, the audience simply does not” consider ” your message — and a day later, on the contrary, the topic is already rotten. The age of the audience is also important: news usually reaches the older generation later, and for people under 18, the event may lose relevance after half a day.


During the match Russia-Spain on the world Cup in the frame were three fans in the headdress, munching hot dogs. Trinity instantly became a meme that we used to advertise MegaFon, changing and agreeing on the company’s logo in 24 hours: the company’s three points were crowned with kokoshnikami. The new logo, which was broadcast in outdoor advertising and social networks, reached 17 million people, collected 10 million views and 40 thousand reviews.

There are hype reasons that you can prepare for-these are holidays or major events. But this is not all clear: for example, on the eve of the Rio Olympics, many domestic brands prepared advertising campaigns related to the upcoming Games, but after the disqualification of the Russian team, all planned activities had to be curtailed.

As for the pre-holiday hype, when the celebration is played by everyone, there is a danger of merging with the activities of other brands. For example, the Barney brand has traditionally had a drop in sales before the new year, as competition increases significantly during This period.

In order to stand out from the competition, we decided to play on the contrast: while everyone around us gives gifts to children, “Barney” invited children to congratulate friends and relatives themselves and placed sets for creating gifts inside the packages.

3. Don’t offend your audience: politics and sexism

There are information guides that are risky to use in any advertising campaign, regardless of the image that the brand adheres to. This includes tragic situations, catastrophes, and controversial political moments. Such high-profile and discussed events as the suspicion of Russian interference in the US presidential election, the Salisbury poisoning, and the “White helmets” did not appear in any advertising campaign: the risk of causing a negative reaction is too great, not to mention the threat of problems with the law. It is risky to use reasons related to the possibility of fraud or failure — for example, many brands did not play around with the topic of cryptocurrency at the peak of its popularity, because they did not want to be associated with them in the event of a bitcoin collapse.

Successful hype advertising of one brand for another can be a failure, so you need to know your target audience well, so as not to hurt its interests. For example, Burger King’s provocative slogans are great for their young audience, and scandals around the brand’s advertising campaigns are only good for it. The Bank can no longer afford such an outrage.


Ignorance of the “pain points” of your audience is one of the most common mistakes of marketers. In the summer of 2017, Alfa-Bank tried to advertise its cards using a popular meme, where a young man walking hand in hand with his girlfriend looks at a passing girl. This move caused a wave of negativity from followers of feminism, who accused the Bank of sexism.

A hype advertising campaign remains primarily an advertising campaign, and therefore it should be based on the principles of advertising-meeting the needs of the audience. An unsuccessful use of even a seemingly harmless infopod can cause a negative reaction.

A good illustration of this thesis is a recent ad by Gillette, which spoke out against “toxic masculinity” by encouraging men to behave with dignity towards women. As a result, the ad received 202,000 dislikes on Youtube and received many accusations of male discrimination.

And Vice versa: a negative hype for yourself can be turned to your advantage. So, after the release of the rear-wheel drive version of the car ” Pro “UAZ edition 66.ru released an article under the headline” UAZ released his half-ass, and she’s like Kevin spacey”, alluding to the actor’s homosexuality. The event immediately flew around the media. In response, we suggested that UAZ post an ad on instagram showing a new UAZ model next to Kevin spacey asking, ” So it’s not going to work, is it?”. The post was accompanied by a description of ” Actually, in which case the rear differential is blocked, so all suspicions are groundless.”

4. Not only follow: girl with a bottle of Fiji

HYIP marketing can be compared to trading, where there are market makers who generate demand with large investments, and traders who try to catch this demand. Most companies take the position of traders who “catch” its wave in relation to the HYIP. Continuing the analogy, the next level for a brand is to become a market maker and create a hype yourself. But this is aerobatics, which only a few manage.

One recent example is a girl with a bottle of Fiji, who became the main face of the Golden globes ceremony earlier this year. Fiji water promo model Kellet Cuthbert, who appeared in almost all the photos of stars from the event, instantly became a meme similar to the famous Russian “witness from Fryazino”. Social networks were flooded with photo blogs, where the “girl with a bottle” appeared in frames of cult films, historical photos and famous paintings. The number of Kellet’s Instagram followers has grown from 50,000 To 200 in just a week. According to analysts, Fiji had to spend more than $ 12 million to achieve these results with regular advertising.

However, it was later revealed that the hype around “the girl with the bottle” was a rigged ad campaign by photographer Stephanie Keenan, who was supposed to shoot a Fiji promo campaign. Since the weather was cool this year and the cold drink was not popular, the photographer asked Kellet to approach the posing stars with a tray in her hands, trying to keep at ease, and made a lot of successful shots.

As another striking example of artificial hype creation, we can mention the Nike advertising campaign with football player Colin Kaepernick, who two years earlier refused to stand in honor of the national anthem during a match in protest against discrimination against African Americans in the United States. The advertising move at first glance was unsuccessful, causing a storm of indignation on the part of many Americans who began to massively burn Nike sneakers and post these photos on social networks. However, this did not significantly affect the company’s share price, and many publications praised the brand for its courage, predicting that in the long term, this ad will bring Nike benefits.

There are no rules on how to create an ad that will become a hype: it is almost impossible to predict whether a particular creative will fire. Therefore, all that can be advised here is to try. However, research of the target audience can help predict the result. So, once we played on the features of the CA network “Magnet”, giving out children’s toys — penguins from”Madagascar” when buying goods for a certain amount. Soon this advertising move turned into a trend: retailers began vying to offer children “fun sticks”, trolls from the movie of the same name and similar gifts.

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