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“Hello, what did you want?”, or Who does the buyer choose?

Alexander Ivanov, CEO of the “Stream” project from Rambler&Co, tells and reveals the essence of the factors that attract and retain customers in your company: why it is important to make the site open, convenient and understandable, what is the value of qualified call center employees and whether it is worth making bonuses and giving gifts to regular customers
Potok is a business service that specializes in creating a website and automatically attracting customers for small businesses. We have a certain number of types of business in the service, in which entrepreneurs can create their own landing page and drive traffic to it. On the other hand, we can analyze why in the same business, with the same set of services, one company has a full house of customers, and another company has a conversion rate of no more than one or two people.

The correct website

Internet realities have formed the “three-click rule”: if a person does not find the necessary information on the site with three actions, he goes to the page to competitors. Accordingly, maximum attention should be paid to how easy and logical your site is to use.

To make the site effective, you can follow 5 rules:
Information content of the main menu. A person immediately sees what the company is, what it does, how to buy a product, and where to call.
Clear ordering of blocks and pages. You can immediately see where the contacts are, where the company information, price, etc.
The presence of a feedback form/phone/email, so that a person can immediately get an answer to any of your questions.
Simple, clear and pleasing to the eye design.
Obvious usage mechanics. So that even a 5-year-old child can easily get acquainted with the list of services, price, delivery and be able to make an order on the site.
Professional call center

In the race for the client, the direct care and respect for some reason fade into the background. The business is so eager to get the customer to pay that it forgets that an ordinary person is sitting at the other end of the wire, who wants to get not only a product or service, but an attitude. And if the attitude of the business to the client does not suit him, then he immediately goes to the competitors, despite all the “advantages” of the company.

The person who receives an incoming call from a potential customer is usually the personification of the entire company. On how he is polite, professional and courteous depend on whether the sale, which will be the customer for re-purchase, will recommend you to my friends or go to a competitor.

In our work, we often encounter a situation where a business spends a lot of money on a website, advertising, and staff, but sales do not go anywhere. In “Stream” we check the quality of calls to our clients and, unfortunately, it happens that we hear from the advertiser not a polite greeting and willingness to help a potential client, but an arrogant one- ” Hello, what did you want?»

Customer service is not only user support, it is the face of the company, its voice and character, do not skimp on hiring qualified staff to handle incoming requests from potential customers. Become an expert and a friend to your client, so that you don’t bite your elbows when he leaves to “make friends” with more pleasant competitors.

Bonuses and amenities

When there are hundreds of companies on the market that provide the same service at approximately the same level and at the same price, the focus shifts to additional factors such as service, customer support, bonuses, and gifts.

Nice little things can set you apart from your competitors and even make customers close their eyes to some of your mistakes. Souvenir chocolates in a package with delivery, a mini birthday present, an individual approach to the client, a violation of the company’s rules for the sake of his convenience (for example, delivery outside working hours) — act fascinatingly on any person. Since you have made the person happy, although he did not ask you to do so, the person feels grateful to the company and most likely will not go to the competitors, because he knows that there he may not meet such a tender and caring attitude to himself.

Willingness to meet the customer

Knowing your audience is an entrepreneur’s superpower. Analyze orders, if the number of requests to your site increases at night-make round-the-clock call reception and delivery. If you are targeting busy, serious people who have no time to talk-make support for messengers and chatbots. If you, for example, work in the IT field, customers will be greeted with a Bang all your new technological solutions. And since it specialists are often notorious players in online games, joint co-promos or game gifts to regular customers will make you stand out from the competition.

Your client should have a clear impression that you are ready to do anything for him: set up a convenient delivery schedule, open a store at night, go to Vladivostok for a part of the desired color and return the same day. If you can please the customer, they will forgive you the high price of the product, the difficulties in service, and the logistical nuances.

P.S. in order not to be in a state of shock from the fact that all your favorite paying customers are now with competitors, collect feedback from them in a timely manner, change the approach to management, employees, product quality, in a word, listen to constructive criticism.

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