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An effective tool for converting a “random passer-by” into a buyer

Impulsive purchases are a very common myth. In fact, most purchases (especially when it comes to expensive products) are made by customers consciously. Most people approach the decision to buy consciously. Alexey Milovanov, business coach, owner of the public sales Agency “Public Sale”, talks about the levels of awareness of customers and gives advice on attracting customers
I am skeptical of statements about spontaneous purchases. I will explain why: usually before buying a person for a long time thinks about a possible purchase. This can last a week, a month, or a year. But, in any case, sooner or later, the purchase will be made. For example, there will be ideal conditions-a promotion or other occasion.

All we need to do is figure out how to generate interest in a potential client. And bring it to a more informed decision-making about the purchase. With a competent approach, even the most “casual passer-by” will be ready to purchase your services.

There are several levels of customer awareness.

The first level is called “I’m interested in your product”. Here such actions on the part of a potential client are possible:
Registration in a group / portal;
Subscribe to our newsletter;
Viewing your video;
Application for a seminar / webinar.
The second level of “I want to understand the product” is so called because the potential customer shows more interest than at the previous level. Here are his possible actions:
Actively monitors the mailing list;
Asks questions that are related to your services;
Leave comments;
Watch video;
Attends your seminars/webinars.
And so each level, the actions of a potential client becomes more complex, which indicates their interest.

The third level is “I want to learn more about you”. Client actions:
Participates in your surveys;
Spends a lot of time on the site, studying every page;
Asks questions about your company;
Uses a free consultation;
Looking presentation of your product;
Interested in your cases.
The fourth level is almost the finish line. The “I’m interested in your products” stage is so called because a potential customer performs the following actions:
Leaves a request for a paid product;
Interested in conditions;
Begins to trade;
Openly declares the intention to purchase your product;
Requests a commercial offer.
The fifth level, the most pleasant for you — “I want to buy your product”. Client actions:
Purchasing your product;
Signing contract;
The Deposit payment.
In order to quickly and effectively transfer a potential client to the level you need, you need to take the next step. But you can do it if you only know how to use sales tools.

Let’s start with “personal sales”. Among the “advantages” of this tool-your expenses are close to zero. But, if we talk about the “cons”, then you will have to go through a long cycle of transactions, to make the cost of your services low. And be prepared for the fact that people will agree to the meeting only from the second level of awareness. This means that you will lose up to 80 % of your audience.

The second possible sales tool is sales via the site. Obvious “advantages”: the average cost of services and “warm” customers. Among the “cons”: additional time spent on creating a site and setting up advertising and high costs. In addition, a large percentage of potential customers will leave your site without leaving a request. And with all this, you will find a long cycle of transactions.

The most profitable and convenient sales tool is sales through public speaking. It has, perhaps, only one “minus” – the need to learn to perform in public. For the rest, its pleasant bonuses are: an easy step for your customers, time savings, and, accordingly, a short transaction cycle, low customer cost and high cost of your products. And at the same time, you will get a high conversion rate, which is also very important.

That is why I am sure that public speaking is the easiest but very effective way to attract clients.

The average duration of the seminar (presentation) is one and a half to two hours. During this time, you will be able to easily transfer your potential customers from the first to the fifth level of awareness.

Remember this and use it to your advantage: people like to attend interesting events. People like to learn, learn new things. Therefore, they will be happy to attend useful events, including yours. Use public speaking if you want to increase sales traffic and the quality of your services.

I can guarantee that each of your performances will bring you applications and new clients!

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