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Why the customer leaves for competitors and how to minimize product returns — experience of TITANOF

Alexey Shanaev, founder of TITANOF, shares his personal professional experience in building a sales system: why it is important to know the needs of your target audience, how to understand the” pain ” of customers and close them effectively, how to motivate the team and present the product correctly
Due to the specificity of the main product, we do not sell it to the customer on a regular basis. Once bought — you use it all your life. I did not like it — you can return the money. This option is undesirable and affects the image. In order for the customer not to leave at the selection stage and try to return the money after it, it is not enough to simply sell a quality product. After analyzing the requests, we concentrated 80% of our efforts on working with the client before the purchase. 20 % – on providing feedback to those who bought the product. Result: the number of complaints reaches no more than 0.01 %. Of these returns-0.01 %. How we achieved this, we will tell you in this article.

Who really needs your product?

On every corner there are endless coaches, repeating: “Spend Analytics provide”. But no, fan mailings continue and everyone-everyone-everyone is convinced that the product is universal! If we are talking about sunglasses for 200 rubles, maybe a ride. What about a water filter that costs from 16,000? Yes-Yes, consumables are not needed, then it will pay off, blah-blah-blah. Do I need to convince the customer that the product is necessary for them?

Segmenting the CA and learning about pain and needs is something that should not be neglected. The Foundation of the real value of the product. How to collect the basic” pain ” of the client with minimal costs:
make a survey in social networks;
make a survey on the site;
check the forums on the subject of impartial discussions, complaints, etc.;
experience first hand;
a set of the above methods is an ideal option.
We have developed and implemented our own sales script. The first and most important block is a detailed questionnaire for identifying problems. Many properties of water can be determined without analyzing the water based on a subjective impression. And only after finding out all the nuances, a model is selected from the product line. Or not.

Go ahead… to competitors

If there is no 100% closure of the “pain” — we send to competitors. For example, we flew with hard water, the main product does not cope with it. The problem is frequent. But if it’s the only one, and we said that the titanium filter will soften everything?* If the customer buys and realizes that the situation has not changed after 2 weeks, they will not be able to return the product. And how is it correct? Not sell. It seems that this will be a shortfall of 16,000. In fact, this is a long-term prospect:
One satisfied person leaves us, who will then recommend us to those who really need us;
Minus one potentially negative feedback on the forums and otzoviki. And people like to read bad comments on the web.
*this is not an advertising entry, but an important clarification, since later in the range there were separate softeners.

The Director’s fire is not enough. Everyone should be on fire

Returning to the truisms, which, alas, are best understood the hard way. No matter how great sales and promotion professionals you hire, they must understand the value of the product. And it’s not that you can’t sell low-quality products. This is understandable. If an employee does not feel the importance of the service or product they are providing, they will not be able to sell 100% effectively.

How to achieve an understanding of value:
conduct regular training for new and existing staff;
introduce on a permanent basis preferential terms for purchasing company products for employees, their families and friends;
regularly (at least once a month) conduct conversations with everyone/survey for suggestions for improvement;
do charity work.
In addition to effective sales, this approach provides an important bonus: it motivates employees to think outside the plan. They will be interested in optimizing their own business processes. After all, they do not just sell a cool thing, the management is interested in their opinion, how it can be sold even better. If everything is “on fire” – the client is more likely to get involved and the probability of leaving is reduced.

Too expensive! How to get away from the objection and not let go buy cheaper

This phrase is heard by everyone: from ice cream makers to jewelers. What can we say about water filters that are significantly more expensive than “analogues”? And it does not matter that these analogues work worse and require constant injections of money. The client will not wait for financial calculations about his savings. This is a long time to delve into, but on a neighboring site some filter for 500 rubles, I’ll go and try it.

If you can’t reduce the price, you need to postpone it. Completely hide is also bad (all these “fill out the application with data up to the blood group, and we will call back and say the price” only irritate everyone). It is necessary to let the customer feel the value of the product. So that by the time the price is opened, he has no doubt that such a cool baby can not cost 5 cents, otherwise it is already suspicious. Tell us briefly, preferably in the form of infographics or abstracts, about the advantages of the product and the UTP. And at the end, next to the price, you can place a calculation about saving.

Why should I believe you? Suspicious you

A common situation: a Manager from a seemingly well-known company calls and offers a service. Everything seems OK. Start asking questions and he hesitates. Oh, I don’t know that any more, so let’s switch you to a specialist. Who are you and why are you calling me? What kind of trust in the company can we talk about?

It is not enough to train staff for your product or service. You need to spend time, money, effort, and do a training course across the industry to understand common algorithms and gain expertise. In the ideal case is to encourage self-education. If a customer calls and receives a full consultation on all issues for free, this will automatically transfer trust from a specific employee to the brand and product.

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