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An easy way to increase sales

Today, traditional channels of communication with potential customers are not enough. Calls are often lost and disrupted. In this sense, it is important to keep the lead in view. Igor Kriventsov, marketing Manager at gravitel, describes in detail all the advantages of a virtual PBX for sales managers and explains how to increase sales with It
How to increase your sales? This is always a topical issue for individual entrepreneurs and company owners. It is especially acute when a business is just beginning its life path, being in the position of a startup, or when it has already won a certain niche in the market and has fallen into stagnation.

As a rule, the increase in sales is associated with considerable expenses that are required for conducting advertising campaigns, finding qualified personnel, or developing a new marketing strategy. But what to do if there is no money for it? Thanks to new technologies, small and medium-sized businesses now have a more affordable and cost-effective way to increase their sales.

Tool for increasing sales

Virtual PBX (VATS) is one of the main tools for sales automation, which simplifies the work of managers, frees them from routine, almost completely eliminates the human factor, but most importantly — this tool does not allow you to lose a single client.

A lot of materials have been written about VATS, but there is almost no information about how this tool can help businesses increase sales. In this article, we tried to maximize the real benefits of this business tool.

Multi-channel communication

Sales are severely hampered (or made impossible) by the use of outdated forms of communication with customers-classic telephony, especially if the company does not have multi-channel numbers.
One of the advantages of a virtual PBX for an office is multi-channel communication with a large number of lines, which allows managers to simultaneously receive and make an unlimited number of calls. Employees will be able to work at full capacity without waiting in line for a call, and customers will always get through to the company and never hear short beeps.

A multi-channel phone number becomes the same for all customers: the same number can be specified on the website, used in advertising, and printed on business cards. Customers will no longer have any confusion about which phone number to dial to call the company. In addition, you can combine not only all employees and departments, but also branches that are located in other cities under one number.

Call control

VATS functionality allows you to control and manage each incoming and outgoing call, which also contributes not only to increasing leads, but also sales. Here are some examples.

Setting up the company’s work schedule in VATS will allow you to distribute incoming calls correctly — at different times to the right employees or departments. If someone called the company outside of business hours, but all employees have already gone home, then you can use VATS to make the call transferred to the employee on duty or turn on the answering machine. In any case, the call will not be lost, the subscriber can be called back later, and this is a +1 potential client.

With the “call Interception” function, any employee can redirect incoming calls to their own number. For example, if the call goes to a Manager who is not in the workplace, then his colleague can easily intercept the call and respond to a potential client who will not wait and be nervous. It is very important for the maintenance and affects the loyalty.

In the VATS settings, you can group employees into departments, even if managers sit in different offices. Thanks to this, a potential client will never call an accountant or a marketer, but will immediately contact the right specialist.

When a customer gets a call from different phone numbers (either from a city number or a mobile number), they get confused. He does not understand what phone number he needs to call back to the company if he has any questions. This shouldn’t be happening. With VATS, you can set up an outgoing caller ID so that only one company number is detected on the client’s phone when an incoming call is made.

What to do if a large number of subscribers call the company, but there are not enough operators? This impairs sales, since not all potential buyers have the patience to wait for a connection. And in this case, VATS can also help. In its settings, you can set a call queue with the ability to call back. That is, if the subscriber does not have time to wait for a response, they can order a callback and disable the call. Then, when his turn comes, VATS will automatically connect the possible client with the Manager.

Each of the above functions of VATS is aimed at fixing the call, holding it and not losing it. If the company is unable to manage the calls, it will not be able to manage and sales.

Order a call on the company’s website

Another feature of VATS, which is able to increase the number of leads. According to statistics, if a company has a callback widget on its website, the number of calls is doubled. For a site visitor, this is a completely unobtrusive and free way to communicate with a company representative, because it is not he who calls, but the Manager. When ordering a call from the site, VATS will automatically connect the Manager to a possible client.

Missed call notifications

Each subscriber who did not get through is minus one client. Therefore, it is extremely important that all calls are served. And the faster the Manager contacts the potential client, the more chances there are to turn the lead into a real buyer. VATS is equipped with a notification system that allows you to send SMS notifications to employees about a missed call, but not to the caller — an SMS apology about a missed call, thanks to which they will be sure that their call is important for the company and will not remain unanswered.

The awakening of dormant customers

If the company has a well-established database of contacts with failed customers who are interested in the service, but have not bought it, or with customers who bought the service for a long time and no longer applied, then you can use VATS to make an automatic call on the entire list and tell, for example, about a new offer. At the same time, to talk to the subscriber, the Manager will only need to pick up the phone, and all the actions for dialing the number will be performed by VATS.

More recently, the Call API technology appeared on the market, which freed managers from the need to communicate with the client. This is, in fact, a robot, using which VATS independently calls the list of contacts and informs subscribers of the necessary information, which will be printed in advance in the form of text. For example, the call API robot will tell a potential customer the following: “Hello, I’m a robot from Your car service company! At the moment, you have a 30% discount on the passage of the GAME. If you have a desire, I can schedule you for a technical inspection right now. Please specify a convenient time for you.” Then the subscriber can tell the robot the desired date and time, switch to the Manager or refuse.

You can also use this technology to call customers after service for repeat sales. For example, ask the subscriber about the quality of service.

In any case, the big” plus ” of VATS for calling the customer base is that no number will be missed, the influence of the human factor will be reduced to a minimum, while managers will no longer need to perform the same type of actions that take up a lot of working time.

Receiving calls

If the company has connected VATS, then sales managers have almost unlimited opportunities to receive and make calls, which also makes it easier to interact with potential customers. Calls from customers can be received not only through landlines, but also directly through computers, SIP phones, or mobile phones. Most importantly, every call will go through VATS and be recorded.

Companies where managers are constantly on the move, in order not to lose customer calls, need to use SIM cards with FMC technology. These SIM cards are connected to VATS and turn an employee’s smartphone into a full-fledged office device that has all the necessary functions for work. In fact, thanks to this technology, office and mobile communications are combined into a single corporate network, in which internal calls are not charged. That is, if there is a redirect from a mobile phone to an office phone or Vice versa, no one pays for it — the call occurs inside the company. Also, if the Manager called the client from his smartphone, the subscriber’s phone number is displayed on the phone.
Source: https://delovoymir.biz/prostoy-sposob-uvelichit-prodazhi.html
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