How to optimize a company

Divide and conquer: 4 tips for working with clients in the service business
Maria Zubareva, head of Ingate's customer service Department, shares her professional experience and gives advice on how to improve the process of interacting with clients in the service delivery sector:…

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How companies don't miss a single call from customers
Lilia Aleeva, marketing Director of ICL Services, talks about how to build an effective system for receiving incoming calls in the company: who should do this, what algorithms and how…

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An easy way to increase sales
Today, traditional channels of communication with potential customers are not enough. Calls are often lost and disrupted. In this sense, it is important to keep the lead in view. Igor…

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10 things every new salesperson needs to know

Everything is for sale. The whole business world is based on sales in one way or another. But are the proposed algorithms and sales techniques equally applicable and working in all areas? This question is answered by Inna Vorobyova, an expert at AcademConsult
The main rule of customer communication that I learned and used in their work: “We do not sell, we share useful information, the expertise and knowledge that we have in mind that we gathered for years, are not on the world wide web sites”. Continue reading

Simulation of interest in sales: how to remove distrust and involve the buyer in the process

Iosif Panasyuk, an independent expert in sales, sales management and marketing, examines the enterprise sales strategy in detail and explains how to understand that the listener really liked your offer and does not feign ostentatious interest; how to respond to the formal reaction of potential buyers
Recently, at work, I watched a series of programs “Idea for a million” (a joint project of NTV and VEB), where worthwhile ideas were presented and, to put it mildly, not very much. Continue reading

How to optimize a company’s website for targeted requests and a specific audience of potential customers

Stanislav Gerstein, an expert in multi-channel sales, explains in detail how to optimize the company’s website so that incoming traffic is as relevant and targeted as possible: how to build a semantic core, how to use keywords and popular queries, and how to segment the target audience correctly
Before you increase traffic to your site, you need to decide what kind of traffic is needed. If the site is engaged in sales, then first of all you need visitors who will make a purchase. If the site is informational, it is important that visitors stay longer on the site and study more materials. Continue reading

ToDo and Not ToDo: how to make phone calls with important clients

Iosif Panasyuk, an independent expert in sales, sales management and marketing, shares his personal experience of making deals and sales over the phone: how to prepare for a phone conversation, what aspects are important to pay attention to first and what should not be done during negotiations
When I was just starting my career in B2B sales, it happened that for a while it was not possible to go to customers. And in Russia, online meetings were not yet practiced. So I took the phone and presented our product. Just like that, very simple. At such telephone meetings, I always offered a potential customer to buy our product. Continue reading

How do I check the supplier?

Roman Shishkin, assistant to the President of ICA “Filippov and partners”, talks about how to distinguish between responsible and law-abiding contractor from unfair: whether it is necessary to request documents certifying the official status of the company and whether to verify the business transactions
Due diligence in selecting a counterparty is Central to assessing the company’s tax risks. For a long time, the Central document that defined for many years the vector of the practice of conducting tax audits and evaluating arguments claimed by courts in tax disputes was The resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation of October 12, 2006 N 53 “on the assessment by arbitration courts of the validity of the taxpayer’s tax benefit”. Continue reading

Pygmalion himself, or how to become the reason for his own promotion
Vedagar Morgunov, a mentor in the field of productive public communication, talks about how to independently increase your own status as a professional by changing or adjusting your image, and…


How to work with complex listeners at a speech?
Alexey Milovanov, business coach, owner of the public sales Agency Public Sale, explains in detail how the speaker behaves at performances with different types of" anti-heroes "from the audience, which…


Robots or real people? How will customer service change in the next decade
Elena Stolyarskaya, business coach, client service expert, talks about the main trends in the development of client service in the near future and lists 7 key changes that will affect…


Managing the sales funnel. How to ensure that sales do not forget about customers
Mikhail Haskelberg talks about the problem of balancing process and target indicators in relation to sales work: how to organize the work of sales managers so that the sales funnel…