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"Give Mark money!", or how Facebook's advertising appetites have changed
Last year, the head of Facebook changed the company's mission. Instead of "uniting families and friends", it was "creating a global social infrastructure". This is how the ideological transformation of…

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"Self-employed come out of the shadows!": transfers from card to card as a way of avoiding taxes come to an end?
From x/f " Night watch» Recently, state Duma deputies approved the introduction of a special tax regime for self-employed citizens in Russia. The widespread practice in Russia of entrepreneurs (self-employed…

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Business trends, or how to get the most out of innovation for your business
Alexander Vysotsky, founder of Visotsky Consulting, identifies four main trends in high technologies that will forever change and are already changing the approach to business organization and promotion: features of…

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“Give Mark money!”, or how Facebook’s advertising appetites have changed

Last year, the head of Facebook changed the company’s mission. Instead of “uniting families and friends”, it was “creating a global social infrastructure”. This is how the ideological transformation of a cozy website for like-minded people into a transnational giant was completed. But in fact, the spirit of a big Corporation has been haunting the social network since Mark Zuckerberg’s Dorm. In this article, we will tell you how the company’s advertising appetites have grown over the past 15 years
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5 secrets of a” selling ” resume from the best sellers

Business coach Olga Westendorp gives five useful tips that will help you create the perfect resume: from the message of the candidate’s “success” and correct self-presentation to the speed of response
Judging by the results of 2018 and statistics from one of the leading job portals, 5-7 employees in active job search apply for one job in Russia. When publishing a job, the employer receives dozens of responses: on average, up to 95 responses per open position. In this situation, when choosing which of the applicants to meet in person at the interview, companies focus on the credibility of the resume. Continue reading

Is it possible to “extinguish the fire of business” with trainings?

Denis Sidenko talks about situations when employees and business leaders will really benefit from attending a variety of trainings-from time management training to team building skills — and in which cases money will be wasted
“Training not to conduct consulting” – where in this sentence should be a comma?

For many experienced business consultants, this is a painful question. That is, there is always a dilemma — to be a professional or to be a performer. Continue reading

Digitalization or death: how Russian retailers fit into the new realities of trade

Venera shaidullina talks about trends in the digitalization of e-Commerce and offline Commerce, gives 5 of the most promising technologies that will have a strong impact on e-commerce in the near future, and gives advice to Russian entrepreneurs on how to get competitive advantages in the new environment
New digital technologies in e-Commerce

Global retail sales in e-commerce in 2018 amounted to approximately $ 2.5 trillion, according to forecasts for 2021, their volume will grow to $ 4.5 trillion. Continue reading

Managing the sales funnel. How to ensure that sales do not forget about customers

Mikhail Haskelberg talks about the problem of balancing process and target indicators in relation to sales work: how to organize the work of sales managers so that the sales funnel is not suddenly empty
In the modern world, managers are used to the fact that sales people need to be motivated for the final result. Other positions may have a fixed salary, but this approach does not apply to sales. It is believed that if they do not receive bonuses as a percentage of completed transactions, they will not sell well. Usually bonuses are awarded after receiving payment from the client. Continue reading

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Simulation of interest in sales: how to remove distrust and involve the buyer in the process
Iosif Panasyuk, an independent expert in sales, sales management and marketing, examines the enterprise sales strategy in detail and explains how to understand that the listener really liked your offer…


Pygmalion himself, or how to become the reason for his own promotion
Vedagar Morgunov, a mentor in the field of productive public communication, talks about how to independently increase your own status as a professional by changing or adjusting your image, and…


How can the supplier warn the buyer in advance about possible damage to the product during transportation of large cargo
We disclose in detail the question of which document the supplier can use to warn his client in advance about the potential damage of the purchased product with non-standard dimensions…


An effective tool for converting a "random passer-by" into a buyer
Impulsive purchases are a very common myth. In fact, most purchases (especially when it comes to expensive products) are made by customers consciously. Most people approach the decision to buy…